Bee varoasis theraphy
Varotom medicine against Varroa Destructor
VAROTOM 10 pcs thin boards
for 5 bee-hives
- 3.20 €
COPOSITION : 1 thin board contains 80 mg of FLUVALINATE.

ACTION : As a contact toxine fluvalinate displays a highly efficient action on the central and peripheral nervous system of varoae, leading to their rapid death.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : The boards should not be placed into the brood or the plaster except in the case of important varoae invasions, and thus very cautiously. The medicine is not to be used during bee pasture.

ACTION TIME : In view ot the time of application, there are no restrictions for this medicine.

APPLICATION AND DOSES : The boards should be placed between the frames on the brood side,
between the 3rd and 4th, and 7th and 8th frame.