Against the mite Varroa destructor up to 99,9% efficacy
Varostop medicine against Varroa Destructor
VAROSTOP 10 pcs veneer strips
for 3-5 bee-hives -
4.50 €
Varostop are veneer strips, on which the active substance Flumethrin is laid on.  Flumethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid , what has contact acaricide effect against the mite Varroa destructor and doesn’t make adverse reactions on the bees, the brood and the queen. 
The strips are put/hung down/ among the frames. When crawling on them, the bees take on their bodies/ limbs, pili, wings/ from the active substance and carry it around all over the hive through their social behavior. Minimum quantity of the active substance is necessary to destroy the mites.

Made in Bulgaria