Bee family stimulant
Startovit bee family stimulant
STARTOVIT 25 g - 3.90 €
Startovit improves the health and raises the productivity of bee families.
The supplementary combined feed for bees Startovit contains in an optimal composition the trace element cobalt, sodium chloride and phosphorus.
Cobalt – by supplementary mineral feeding the egg-laying by the queen increases – up to 19% more brood, the quantity of the bees increases up to 30% and their vital functions are activated.
Phosphorus – is necessary in the growth and the quick physiological renovation of the individuals in the bee family (quickly growing larvae). In the intensive feeding of the brood, the needs of phosphorus are bigger.
Sodium and chloride ions – for the maintenance of the osmotic pressure in the bee organism and tissues, maintains the biochemical processes and functions.

Dosage and administration :
Every box Startovit have 5 packets inside.
1 packet (5 gr) is added into 5 lt of sugar feed solution.
This quantity (10 lt) is for 20 colonies (500 ml syrup for 1 colony)