For strong, healthy bees. Suitable for organic beekeeping
Oxalis against Varroa
Oxalis 500 ml - 11.30 €
OXALIS activates the purification of bee colonies. Honeybees will be regenerated by natural means and will produce good quality honey. OXALIS activates the natural cleaning instinct of the bees and keeps them strong and in proper condition. Action is entirely exterior to the bee body and does not influence the quality of honey. Use preferably when the outside temperature is between minus 1 and plus 25 º С. The best time to use OXALIS is in the late afternoon when most of the bees are in the hive.

The use of OXALIS results in microscopic droplets to adhere to the fine hair of the bees. Through social contact and the natural instinct of purification, the product is distributed evenly to all other bees and ensures, that the cells containing dead larvae are thoroughly cleaned by the activated bees. These larvae and all other foreign objects as well as dirt particles are consequently removed from the bee hive. When used properly the product does not negatively affect bees, brood or queen.

Made in Bulgaria