Your partner in treating Nosema apis and Nosema ceranae
Nozevit + against Nosemosis
Nozevit + 50 ml - 19 €
Nozevit + 200 ml - 38 €
Nozevit + 500 ml - 82 €
Nozevit + 1 l - 140 €

Specific knowledge of the most experienced beekeepers complemented with the latest scientific research insight through the years has enabled us to improve our traditional recipe of Nozevit. New formula contains same active ingredients as Nozevit, plus vitamins, essential oils and citric acid. Therefore, Nozevit+ is completely natural herbal product. As a honeybee food supplement it helps in Nosema treatment caused both by Nosema apis and Nosema ceranae.

How to use :
Apply 1 ml (20 drops) per beehive in one of three possible ways:
1. In sugar syrup: add 1 ml of Nozevit+ in 200 ml of sugar syrup (in 1:1 ratio),
2. In pollen patty: add 1 ml of Nozevit+ per 500 g of patty,
3. By spraying: add 1 ml of Nozevit+ in 200 ml of sugar syrup and spray the bees in the hive with it.
Regardless of the way of usage, use Nozevit+ as a feed supplement 2 times in spring (10 days apart) and 2 times at the beginning of autumn (10 days apart).
Benefits of additional ingredients :
- vitamins are essential nutrients with a number of important biological functions and they make your bees stronger, healthier and more productive
- essential oils improve the disease resistance of the bees and also calm the bees when you are working them
- citric acid is a weak organic acid that stabilises intestinal pH and improves digestion, therefore helps bees to recover faster

Benefits :
- only natural ingredients
- leaves no residue in honey or wax
- suitable for eco beekeeping
- efficient both as preventive method and for treating beehives infected with Nosema

Made in Croatia,
Watch video clips about using of NOZEVIT + :

Treating Nosema With Nozevit Plus         Winter feed with Nozevit +