Medicine against Varroa Destructor

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COMPOSITION : One bar hive of 13.6 g contains: Active substance: coumaphos 1.36 g excipients: titanium dioxide, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

INDICATIONS : Infestation bee societies parasitic Varroa destructor.

APPLICATIONS AND DOSE : Use two lanes per bee society. Tapes vešaju between frames in the brood during the 42 days. It is necessary to treat all infested bee society in the same pasture. Therapy is usually applied in the fall or winter, after squeezing honey bee colonies during the preparation for the winter. The best results are achieved if the treatment of hives begins in the spring, before draining the first honey, or in the fall after the last draining. Data suggest that the use of tape during the season squeezing honey does result in the presence of residues in honey above the maximum allowable level.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : Do not use during the breeding queen

WARNINGS : Application Checkmate + tape reduced cultivation and production of honeybee queens. If any side effect becomes serious or you encounter any unwanted effects not listed in this guide, please notify the veterinarian.

WAITING PERIOD: Zero days for honey.

Made in Germany